Why We Charge

Progress Turtle is designed for everyday people. We are a fully bootstrapped operation and have never taken a dime of venture capital. We charge fees instead of serving ads or selling user data in order to protect our users and be sustainable. We value simplicity and choose not to clutter our tool with lots of features. Our app is web-based only, which frees us from the ethical concerns associated with Big Tech company app stores.

We charge a rate that we believe is affordable and appropriate for our users. Our users pay for privacy and simplicity. We fiercely protect user information and absolutely refuse to scan, share, sell, or otherwise allow it to be accessed.

Progress Turtle's pricing model is simple, reasonable, and completely transparent. We charge a US$8 monthly fee for each Progress Turtle account after an initial 5-day free trial. We do this for a few important reasons: (1) Progress Turtle is valuable because it helps you focus on what's important in your life - not just what advertisers and corporations want, (2) Progress Turtle refuses to sell or in any way jeopardize our users' privacy, (3) accepting investment money is not a sustainable model for our particular business, and (4) paying a modest fee for software allows us to sustainably improve and maintain a long-lasting product, provide excellent customer service, and develop and distribute high-quality content to support a worthy cause. 

As Apple's CEO Tim Cook remarked a couple years ago, "[w]hen an online service is free, you're not the customer. You're the product." While advertising models may work for some products and services, it has simply never been and will never be a match for what Progress Turtle does because our service relies on a trust-based relationship with our users.